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Leg weakness and foot drop

From: loulou - on 01/28/2010 11:42pm

I have spinal stenosis and had a lumbar laminectomy 3 years ago to remove bone spurs which were involving my spinal nerves. I have gotten along great until the last few months I started having sacroillitis pain. A MRI revealed herniated lumbar disc with mild scoliosis. I received an injection which helped the pain but now I have overwhelming weakness with foot drop on my right side. I feel like a bobble-head from the waist now and have the high stepping gait I have read about. I am to have an EMG in 3 weeks---is this soon enough. This is scary and very overwhelming. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.

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on 01/29/2010 3:07pm

I injured my back in Aug and finally had a mri in late oct. that revealed two buldging discs. Lost an awful lot of strength in both legs in early dec. after walking a 5k for st. judes. Probably not very smart nevertheless it really blew up the next week, had another mri around the 15th of dec. that showed no change from first one, had a thorascic mri Jan 12 which showed no damage there then had disc removal surgery last friday. Most of my leg strength has come back and I seem to be getting a little better each day. Still some pain in the buttocks and legs. Doctor says that is common but I was happiest that my strength is coming back.

on 02/05/2010 2:27am

HI awile back I herniated my L-1- L2 between those two hard disk and the MRI showd that I had spinal stenosi,for about a year I took oxycontin at a very high dose, that i became hooked to it.so we got me off the oxycontin,and now im taking suboxone, they did an epidural on the L-1-L-2.but Istill feel pain on my right leg so much weakness all the way down to my toes and under my foot like its crammping, I feel pain so much pain in my leg feeling very weak,only on my right side,this is new to me,if you can share some thoughts with me please do because i feel lost and alone, it is the weirdest thing that im expiriencing. thank you for any input .

on 02/07/2010 2:46pm

I read various comments about back problems. I was a nurse for many years and had herniated discs which I was treated for with by my chiropractor. I developed weakness in both my legs and again really did not do anything for it. I got to the point where I could hardly walk. Eventually I went to a spinal surgeon where the MRI and CAT scans showed I had spinal stenosis as well herniated discs. I was operated on and had lasting neuropathy in my legs as well as fusion surgery.
I had lingering pain for which I had no relief from. I went to doctor after doctor who gave me increasing higher doses of opiates. I was taking 240mg of morphine as well as fenatyl. I went into respiratory arrest and spent 3-l/2 weeks on a vent. I almost died. I can not take any pain meds now for my pain. I also have scioilosis which is worsening and I also have kyposis. There is nothing they can do for me. Barring a miracle,I will be like this until I die.
Please take care on what drugs you take. Do not end up like myself

on 02/11/2010 2:59am

HI,its very scary, the weakness in the right leg goig down to my foot, sometimes i wish I could take a pain pill just to feel no pain for a little wile,but no ,I aint going down that path agin,how I found out iI had all theses things going on with my back, it happend one day at work where a clint came back from going out to REC,he hert his foot playing vollyball,so since im the shift leader,I ask someone to help me carry him to a car waiting to take him to the ER. so that person grab an arm and a leg as i did but wile i was the one left getting him ito the car,something happend. that day at the end of my shift i felt realy nothing wrong ,i guess all the angenralin,went home felt sore but not that bad,it was the next day wen i awoke,I could not mouve mylegs the pain i was in i had to cry out for my wife.Icouldnot even take the pain, but,as hard head as I am Istill had to go to work, god the pain was the most pain i evver felt in my life me telling my brain to move my feet ,no can do ,so now this is a work comp case, we did an MRI and saw that I herniated l-1-l-2 also that day,they told me that I have spina stenosis,the spers on the facets and a lot more. I was takeing 240 mg of oxicontin a day also for break through pain percocet 10-325 four times a day as needed for pain. the pain i had was the most I ever had in my life with every step so much pain,now the spinal stenosis makeing my rightside feel like jello,i use to be a body builder i lost all the muscle and all my weight after being gone from work for so long when my coworkers saw me yhey could not beleive that it was me,im off the narcotics i got the epidural i think i need an other shot im scarde but im not going to give in to this,but there must be a way to get rid of this pain in the right leg

on 02/13/2010 2:29am

The foot drop sounds like you are dealing with plantar fasciitis. Having to deal with foot drop is very irritating so I can understand your frustration however unless the nerves are severely injured or dead you can do something about it. Some people wear a boot at night that keeps the foot in a position that allows for the leg muscles to tighten as to keep the foot where it should be. That said, in my opion it causes other issues and I am not a fan of that solution. The best treatment I can suggest is to take a dish towel and lay it on the floor in front of you while you are sitting doing something in which you are just relaxing. Place your foot on top of the towel and try to grip the towel with your toes. Pull the towel up with the toes and then try to bend your ankle so the toes are heading toward the front of your shin. This can be very frustrating at first because you may not even be able to grab the towel fully at first but DO NOT give up. Keep doing this as often as you can throughout the day, everyday. With that said if you get a leg cramp stop and relax. I am a medical masseuse and I have witnessed this treatment working. As a side note it also worked on me after 3 back surgeries and major nerve issues. Water exercises are good as well, no tripping or more strain on your body. I wish you the best of luck and I hope this helps.

on 04/30/2010 3:11pm

I found this article which might be helpful: