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From: Ambleside206 - on 01/13/2011 10:57am

My primary care physician just Monday started me on steroids. My sciatica seems better but is this a long term solution?

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on 01/13/2011 4:28pm


I'm no expert on this, but my girlfriend who had asthma is. She's been on steroids for 20+ years and it has caused her tons of problems. It apparently leaches calcium from your bones, which in turn lead to osteoporosis, which in turn led to her breaking a vertebra. She's trying to get off of them but her immune system is now so messed up when she starts to go on a lower dosage, she gets sick. So it's a battle. I don't know if you being on the Prednisone is a temporary thing or forever thing. You probably should check with PCP and ask him about the side effects.

Hope I helped a little.


on 01/16/2011 3:58am

Prednisone is great for short term acute episodes of back pain/sciatica. I have taken it several times with great results. My PCP usually prescribes a 4mg 1 week taper pack. You take 6 pills the first day and then decrease by one pill until you are done with the pack. Long term use of steroids can cause all kinds of problems, so it is not something that should be taken long term without a serious discussion with your doctor.