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Posted in: Neck pain.

Hands & fingers numbness & tingling

From: romuald - on 05/26/2011 12:42am

I have a pain on my upper shoulder and around the lower neck and my both hands and fingers are now numb for almost 3 months. The specialist advise me to go MRI to be sure what happen. But, the numbness is really disturbing. What should I do to relieve it or even to heal it permanently. Anyone can help?! Thank you.

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3 Responses

on 05/26/2011 9:12am

Have you had any trauma to that area that you can remember? Are you on the computer alot? Do you look down to read alot causing strain to your neck area? It sounds to me that you may have a pinched nerve in the C6-7 area. If it's really disturbing you.. then you do need to go and get an MRI. Have they even tried to do an x-ray first? X-rays are a lot cheaper and maybe could find the problem first before investing in a $5000 procedure. I'd start there first and keep your doctor posted. If it worsens.. notify them quickly.

on 05/26/2011 12:43pm

I had similar symptoms in my right hand arm shoulder. my rt hand got weaker. no numbness, though. I had a fusion of my t1-c7, c7-c6 as a result. the hand weakness was the main reason for the surgery. other wise other methods (pain management) may have been tried. the mri is the best doctors tool. you should get one

on 06/12/2011 8:20pm

The X-ray on the neck shows that the bone has grown a bit. I think that has contributed to the pain and numbness. Recently, I have seen the neurologist and rule out carpel turnel syndrome and he suspected that the problem must from the neck. I will go for MRI later but the doctor said they will try to avoid operation even they might be problem. So still go for medicine. I don't know how effective the medicine to relieve my numbness and pain. Any idea?