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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Sciatica.

L5/S1 herniation, now pinky toe going numb?!?

Started by 540148428@facebook on 03/25/2014 9:46pm

I have been diagnosed with a L5/S1 herniated disc a few years ago, with MOST of my back and leg pain always in my right leg. Recently, my LEFT pinky toe has been going numb and the LEFT side of my back has been hurting with some pain into my left leg. Does this mean my herniation has gotten worse? Has this happened to anyone else?? Thanks in advance!!

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Hi. I sympathise fully with you, although I am not sure what it means now you also have the pain in your left toe, but think you should definitely go back to your Consultant to be reassessed.

I was diagnosed 8 weeks ago with L5 / S1 protrusion right side. ( I am told the term "herniation" applies to a disc bulge, small protrusion and large protrusion). My MRI showed the disc markedly impinging upon the nerve and I could not walk without a bad limp. I can tell you it has been agonising pain and numbness in my right foot, toes and ankle every day, and not being able to stand for longer than a few mins without the pain kicking in. I was prescribed Codeine and Naproxen. The codeine made me nauseous, I lost my appetite completely and felt anxious and jittery and after 5 weeks I stopped taking both the drugs and ended up on a drip In hospital with codeine withdrawal, which set me back somewhat. I am now managing the pain on paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

I was lucky to find an accredited Chiropractor who does home visits . He has straightened me up. I can now walk properly again. I am still in a lot of pain in the morning but on advice I do ice pack for 10 mins on the affected lumbar area on waking up and carry on with heat pad for 50 mins. I do this as many times in the day that I can fit in with my legs up and knees resting on a small stool. It has definitely helped. The ice pack calms the nerve and the heat then floods the disc with blood aiding healing. My numb right foot comes and goes but is definitely getting better. I am starting to feel pain in my back now. I had none before. All pain was in my right leg and hip. I am told this is part of the healing process.

I hope you feel better soon. Please let me know how you get on. All the best.