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Ask the Community about Degenerative Disc Disease

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Foot numbness after Spinal Fusion of L5 S1

Started by 1469095651@facebook on 09/18/2011 1:40pm
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Degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, sciatic nerve problems....help

Started by 1282905901@facebook on 10/07/2014 12:44pm
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Tens unit

Started by BriannasMommy on 09/01/2014 3:11pm
kinsley's picture

Weight gain with steroid epidural injections

Started by kinsley on 03/13/2010 11:22am
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Post L-5/S1 Lumbar fusion,now facing cervical fusion,carpall tunnell,social security

Started by nurse l. inpain ADN, RN on 12/04/2013 8:57pm
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Flatback disease hell

Started by 1318223650@facebook on 12/18/2013 1:41pm
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always have lower back pain

Started by sunservnv on 09/15/2014 6:08am
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Started by TJJ32 on 04/02/2013 3:24pm
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L4, L5, S1 Fusion Surgery

Started by tallGirl on 11/08/2010 3:46pm
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Started by garybo on 03/23/2011 12:36pm
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Help! Doc Recommended 360 Fusion

Started by PitchingAce on 09/13/2014 2:50am
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Unfusion of a cervical ADCF

Started by sdangelw on 09/09/2014 4:18pm
lela3423's picture

Broken Rods two years after spinal fusion/ faulty hardware?

Started by lela3423 on 03/18/2011 10:02am
sunnyd50's picture

Spinal disorders

Started by sunnyd50 on 03/11/2010 6:41pm
Leaping Lizzards's picture

SSDI for cervical and lumbar stenosis

Started by Leaping Lizzards on 09/03/2014 1:47pm
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My Experience with ACDF C-4 to C-7

Started by briandenhart on 05/28/2010 4:52pm
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I have to click my back in the mornings why?

Started by 1215206643@facebook on 08/31/2014 5:23pm
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Desperate and needing advice. Spinal Fusion 18 months ago.

Started by Annalee on 08/23/2014 5:24am