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Ask the Community about Degenerative Disc Disease

1624146907838114@facebook's picture

Is my widespread DDD Osteoarthritis chronic pain

Started by 162414690783811... 22 hours 59 min ago
denpet's picture

mri results

Started by denpet 3 days 15 hours ago
931411690264795@facebook's picture

long list of things i don't understand

Started by 931411690264795... on 09/21/2015 7:10pm
10203717123367980@facebook's picture

Cervical spinal stenosis

Started by 102037171233679... 1 day 18 hours ago
edged's picture

C4,C5,C6 Fusion/Discectomy Surgery - HELP!

Started by edged on 03/10/2010 12:31am
885216211527844@facebook's picture

c-5 c-6 artificial disc replacement

Started by 885216211527844... 1 week 6 days ago
10207479385523897@facebook's picture

l5 s1 spinal fusion. going on third fusion HELP

Started by 102074793855238... 6 days 6 hours ago
denpet's picture

mri results

Started by denpet 1 week 8 hours ago
CindySI's picture

Surgery updates Ritter-Lang

Started by CindySI on 09/18/2015 10:17am
Kasey443's picture

Weak legs came on suddenly, can barely walk

Started by Kasey443 on 04/24/2010 1:42pm
asbhockeymom's picture

Do I need surgery?

Started by asbhockeymom 1 week 4 days ago
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severe pain after ACDF surgery at c5-c6, c6-c7

Started by 100006408464241... on 02/07/2015 10:30am
919752701445746@facebook's picture

disc replacement surgery l5s1

Started by 919752701445746... 1 week 4 days ago
885216211527844@facebook's picture

artificial disc replacement and insurance

Started by 885216211527844... on 09/20/2015 6:09pm
10207505767143905@facebook's picture

uncontrolled urination

Started by 102075057671439... on 09/18/2015 1:10pm
Bill M's picture

Radio Frequency Ablation

Started by Bill M on 07/13/2011 12:40pm
10155798190835635@facebook's picture

Any luck with epidural injections?

Started by 101557981908356... on 07/12/2015 10:30am
dhcharles222's picture

synovial cyst

Started by dhcharles222 on 08/09/2015 2:52am
Sheiba227's picture

C2- T4 Fusion Surgery Coming Up. SOMEBODY PLEASE ADVISE!

Started by Sheiba227 on 09/12/2015 4:51pm
drummer1's picture

Complex Disc Herniation, bulges and anterior pelvic tilt

Started by drummer1 on 09/10/2015 7:12pm