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Ask the Community about Back Pain

MrsCroz's picture

L4/L5 pain moved to my Left leg HELP

Started by MrsCroz 15 hours 43 min ago
Kpipe34's picture

L5 S1 causing problems

Started by Kpipe34 5 days 5 hours ago
919752701445746@facebook's picture

disc replacement surgery l5s1

Started by 919752701445746... on 09/23/2015 8:06pm
Crafty's picture

Post spinal fusion pain/taking the screw out

Started by Crafty 2 days 18 min ago
larry56's picture

Coflex approvals

Started by larry56 2 days 15 hours ago
ronicone's picture

Sacralization of S1/S2 - is this what's causing my pain?

Started by ronicone 4 days 4 hours ago
RichardT's picture

Pars defect repair

Started by RichardT on 04/25/2013 3:06am
kathryn1990's picture

L5 Bilateral Pars Defect - NHS Surgeon recommendations?

Started by kathryn1990 4 days 6 hours ago
100000158136043@facebook's picture

SI Joint Fusion by I-Fuse system

Started by 100000158136043... 6 days 5 hours ago
BookDragon02's picture

Back Surgery

Started by BookDragon02 1 week 5 hours ago
LB's picture

L-5, S1 fusion

Started by LB on 04/29/2016 11:41pm
Michael B's picture

Radio frequency ablation failed trial injections

Started by Michael B 1 week 2 days ago
Sunnysided's picture

Results after Removing Spinal Hardware at L4-5

Started by Sunnysided 1 week 4 days ago
Dicris's picture

Difficulty in getting diagnoses

Started by Dicris on 08/29/2016 6:22am
IvomneV's picture

Help me?

Started by IvomneV on 09/13/2016 12:44am
lela3423's picture

Broken Rods two years after spinal fusion/ faulty hardware?

Started by lela3423 on 03/18/2011 10:02am
10153818041137557@facebook's picture

Lying on left side causes pain on right?

Started by 101538180411375... on 09/08/2016 9:33pm
santi roy's picture

back and neck pain

Started by santi roy on 09/04/2016 2:20pm
rossam's picture


Started by rossam on 08/28/2016 10:37pm
hgriff01's picture

Radio frequency ablation

Started by hgriff01 on 08/28/2016 12:44am