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Left thigh numbness and pain after fusion surgery

From: nurse l. inpain ADN, RN - on 04/19/2011 11:09pm

I had an L5-S1 lumbar fusion on March 25th,when i woke up from the surgery i had this numbness and pain on the left lateral side of my thigh which i did not have before.They did use bone graft from my left hip and took a lot,the doc says it will get better over time and attributes it to that.Has anyone else ever had a similar problem who had the harvested hip graft done?
Nurse Nancy

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3 Responses

on 04/20/2011 4:57pm

I had a L4-S1 TLIF fusion on Feb. 22nd. I had the EXACT same numbness in my left thigh (during that surgery as well as my L4-L5 discectomy) but it went away after a few weeks. I didn't have the bone graft from my hip done, but I did have an artificial bone graft instead. My advice is to just give it some time and it'll go back to normal before you know it.
Hope your recovery runs smoothly :)

on 04/21/2011 1:57pm

I do know that bone from your hip hurts really bad, but it will get better over a few weeks. I hope th epain is not to bad. Sorry about thigh being numb.

on 04/21/2011 2:33pm

Thanks everyone,i try not to complain because everything else since my surgery has gotten better and continues to get better.What can i say,you win some and loose some.I went to see my doc yesterday for my four week check up,he says not to worry it will get better over time.
Nurse Nancy