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Surgery Anterior cervical C3-C4 and C4-C5 with cadaver implant and fusion. I am currently feeling numbness and pain in the arm ,hand and 2 toes.

From: bluefish14 - on 08/21/2012 8:33pm

Currently feeling level 6 pain and numbness in left arm and hand. Dr. suggests surgery citing progressive degenration and possible future lose of hand/arm abilities. Dr. suggests surgery ASAP, However hearing the the some horror stories I'm reluctant and would like some feedback. Thank you

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on 08/22/2012 8:28pm

I did not have fusion but I have had 2 neck surgeries on C-3,4 and on C- 4,5. It was like a lightswitch. The pain & numbness disappeared after surgery. I am glad that I had the surgeries. Good luck!