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Diagnosed w/ddd & djd & osteo-have ss disabilty hearing next month-how hard is this to win?

From: KC - on 05/24/2010 6:44pm

Has anyone received disability for having all these conditions, along w/ painful swollen ankles, mild lumbar scoliosis, vascular calcifications, bulging discs, difuse decreased disc signals at all levels, osteophytes, end plate changes, mild protrusions, stenosis C-5 C-6, multi level vacuul discs T spine, disc buldge T-9&10, possible sclerotic lesion T-6, loss of vertabral height, infiltration of marrow space(lumbar) severe fatigue, ibs, you name. I am a 50 something trainwreck. On morphine 15mg x2, Helps but some side fx. It sucks to be me.

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on 05/24/2010 8:24pm

You have a hearing, that's a first step. Don't get your hopes up because they don't recognize alot of back problems, especially not pain. Hopefully you have a great doctor who has vouched for you and has stated that you are in fact disabled. And of course you had better have worked at least 5 out of the last 10 years. Remember...appeal, appeal, appeal...soo much you'll feel like a stripper in a banana suit. I hope you'll get it on the first go around....you'd be one of the firsts.

Hopes and prayers are with you hon!


on 05/25/2010 12:53am

good luck at your hearing !
as to being approved or not at hearing level, all depends on your medical records, test reports, doctor notes,what types of treatments you have tried and your RFC for the most part as to your limitations stated by the doctor..and how good of an attorney you have. how long ago did you apply for disability, have you gotten more diagnoses and gotten worse since you applied & were denied at the reconsideration stage?
i do not mean to crush your hopes on ssdi, as i know people who applied with some of the problems i have and get approved much quicker without all the hassle.
i have 2 ssdi claims in play right now. the first one i have been denied all the way thru ssa appeals council stages and it is now pending district court hearing. i only had 3 diagnoses involving lumbar, hip and feet. i filed a second claim back in feb 2010 and am awaiting the first decision on it. i went from 3 diagnoses on that one to about 12 or more on this one. hopefully i will get approved on this second one quickly, and will wait for the d.c. hearing results to resolve anything before this one.
but do not quit! if you get denied at hearing level, have your attorney file for appeals council review asap ! but be prepared to wait a couple or 3 months at least to get the alj hearing decision...

on 05/25/2010 3:44am

Sunny and I also forgot to mention it depends on what state you live in too. Some states work at a faster level than others do. I know mine can deny you quicker than a drop of a hat, but approve you in some cases 10 years down the line. I really hate to drop the bomb KC, but Sunny is right, you have to do soo much to get what is really rightfully yours because you paid into it. It's a long and drawn out process, and then you still have to wait in most cases for 2 years for medical insurance to kick in. I was an idiot and didn't appeal my first denial because I thought that I couldn't add my progressions/regressions on to it. Things do get worse, some may get better, but things change in conditions every day and they need to know of all changes, especially the quality of life ones.

Hang in there KC. Our prayers are with you!


on 05/25/2010 3:59am

Dear KC,

Hi, I feel for you, I also have some of the same conditions. I also happen to be 50 years old.
If you are worried about being approved for disablity, do not be.
I went to my hearing and I will exsplain ahead of time what to exspect.
Take a husband, friend, parent, sibling—anyone you are around daily.
They will want to know exactly what you are able to do and not able to do. They will want to question the other person to how much you are able to do. Cooking cleaning, general simple things.
My husband was ask if I did not do it and he did not, then who did, he told them it sometimes had to wait—things such as house cleaning.
They need to understand you are in so much pain you are unable to do the normal things as others.
I have DDD. This is made worse -more pain by just sitting up, walking or even picking a dish up, the weight of your head is around 10lbs. this is allot for the neck. I lay down and this is what helps the most. They want to knpw what you do for your pain. Things just as I stated I do.
Try to focus on things —bio-feedback also helps.

While a person may have one disabilty, it is not normally enough to get disablity, but then they look at people who have two. This is in your favor.
The two added together is enough for the Judge to say yes by the books they have { they do have guide lines to go by} then with two or more areas of disablity you will be considered 100% disabled,
It has to make { this added stress of worry } it does make our health worse, stress really is bad for people in our shoes.
You are to be re-schooled for other job /work training. They even consider that.
If you have worked during your life you have to have a number of what is called quarters of work for Disablity. If not you still can qualify for SSI.
This is an insurance { monies set up for people who became ill } who did not have enough paid into the system to get social security disablity.
The only thing about SSI, you can not draw it unless you are single.
If you worked and have enough quarters paid in for Social Security and are married or single you are able to draw that.
It makes no difference. Then if married and your spouse made more income than you, when and if he passes away before you, then you can ask to draw his Social Security. They allow that.
Some people make small amounts of money and when this happens SSI steps in—the person has to have someone with knowlege show them how to be awarded this, So in all what I am saying you can draw Social Security and SSI if your Social Security is below a certin $ amount.
With your illnesses I would not even worry about being approved.
You are on medication and if it doesnt work { your medication } they will have { your Dr } will change it at times.
They can do many things now.
I have a spine injury and DDD and RSD as well as COPD.
I started out with the spine injury when I was age 35.
I have now been ill 15 years. I have seen many Dr’s. some better than others.
Learn all you can about your medications. Plus all you can about your illness.
There are some drugs if mixed together, can cause breathing problems.
Stay positive, it is important you keep your chin up. I understand it is very depressing especially in the beginning to go through this. I was young and everone was out doing things while I was so ill.
My last year at Christmas was spent alone.
I was unable to go to visit and be with my family.
I do not like taking the medication, and have always been a very active person, it was difficult but
I adjusted.
Learn your illnesses, so you understand your Dr. This way when he speaks to you concerning a certin body part in his lingo you will understand.
Let him or her know you want to be an active part in dealing with your illness.
Do research upon the computer and try different things. Eating correct, as well taking vitiams is key.
The medication will make you tired.
I hope my imput helps, not lifting you down but look up. You have had many years { or so it seems here by what you wrote } with good health. I was in a wheel chair in my 30’s.
On major drugs.
I wish you and anyone who reads this all the luck in the world. Reaching out to others in this way is another thing, you never know who you may be able to help. It is sad you are dealing with all this, I’m so sorry it is this way for you as well myself. I would rather be this way than as a friend of mine who was blinded at age 22. The old saying look around their’s always someone else worse off is true. Best of wishs.....

on 05/25/2010 4:09am

Oh yes, if this is your first time to apply, I had to go three times. The way the law is set up
you have to be unable to hold a full time job. Plus being Social Security is going broke, they are making it so hard to get. No doubt you will recieve it, but I like others had to go to court.
You will recieve your back pay, in a lump sum when you do get it.
Just reapply if you lose this first case. Then after the second time —here in Arkansas you have to apply twice and be turned down then the third time get a lawyer. Most Lawyers on Social security will
repesent you and only charge you if you win.
It may take awhile but stay firm and reapply. My own father was the only person I know who did not have to go to court to get his, but he only had 6 months to live and never recieved his first check.....I would say be prepared to see no as your first couple answers, then get the lawyer on your third time. If you contact a attorney they will tell you all this. All the ropes.....Social Security has to make sure a person is really ill so this is why we have to wait. Even if we have a Dr. backing us, we still end up in court. Good luck and remember do not quit. The medical takes 2 years, but I only had to wait 6 months after being approved because so much time had passed —me being disabled and off work......Best Wishs.....

on 05/25/2010 5:09am


wonderful answers. I tried to get the words out, but it sure helps getting the info from one who has actually gotten through the ssi/ssd nightmare. I have to call my ssi rep and let her know to add the COPD to my list because i was just diagnosed in the hospital and they didn't tell me. I had to read it in my medical records that I just picked up yesterday. And they didn't tell me other things they found that are big lifetime concerns. Glad I have an appt today with my Primary Care Physician (and only because I set it up, not the hospital) because he is gonna be able to go over my records with me there and explain the things I couldn't find answers for online. He reminds me of Dougie Houser MD, sooo young...but he knows how to research and solve things unexplained.

Thanks again and best of luck to you!


on 05/25/2010 8:10am

Thanx to everyone for all your input, very comforting to know you're not alone out there. I've had my claim in for over 3 yrs now, have a good attorney, Hill & Ponton in Florida, but was denied initally, then denied reconciliation, then denied OTR request, now at the hearing level. Have more ammo now cuz this problem only gets worse. They ammended my claim to my 50th birthday(I started it when I was 48) stating that the criteria lessens as you get older especially in DDD & DJD. My doctor basically says I can't work, which I can't, but try to convince a judge of that. I too am concerned about SS going bankrupt and affecting the % of claim denials. Shame on any judge who denies based on that, they should be sent back to the food line with the rest of us. I had a great job (20$) hr secretary and they think all you do is sit around and type! My job was exhausting not to mention the 40 mile round trip everyday. After 12 yrs on that job, you really start to become a "girl friday" meaning u do everything and anything and then come home and do it again. Don't know how I did it. Does anyone have ankle problems? My ankles are killing me, swollen, stiff, hard to walk. That's the only thing they haven't shot a pix of yet. should make an appt for that before my hearing. If I can't walk right or drive, then what, stuff envelopes from home? Nope, neck hurts too. Hope my judge is reading this and yes it is painful to even type anymore so I am closing for now.........xxxooo

on 05/25/2010 2:50pm

Hi, Anyone who is about to go to court or in the process, make sure you have all your medical papers turned over to your Attorney. Social Security wants us to prove our case.
I would advise you to take all your files to your Attorney. My file when I did go to court was two stacks.
It will be shocking or even hard to believe I would not had I not seen it myself. My medical file was, two stacks, one was 6 foot tall—from floor up and then second stack was 3’ foot tall.
I have a rare disorder called R.S.D. besides my other illnesses. This is something which little is known about. You can find lots of advise and help also at Mayo Clinic on line about medications. illnesses, and new studies.
I developed my rare disorder after my C-spine surgery. I had no Dr. stating any thing concerning if I was able to work or non able to work. I just was so ill and been in the hospital and was so thin and unable to walk, so depressed I cried through the whole hearing. I was scared and worried what I would do if I did not recieve my Disability. It is wise to see if you can find someone to talk to about all you are going through, it is a heavy load to carry alone.
I’m didnt pitty myself I just began trying to learn all I could about the system. I want to tell everyone you do not always have or need a Dr. saying you can not work. I did not have one saying I could not. The Judge is there to make this decision. If you have a Dr. behind you then it is even better. This is some more of what I did to get mine.
I managed a business, well of course when a person hears this they imagine you set behind a desk.
I was a manager of a large Whole sale + retale Garden Center in the city. My Attorney told me to be sure and tell the Judge I was not a person who just sat behind the desk. Personally even if I had this sort of job I could not do it. My muscle spsams were severe. Sitting was out of the question, the Judge needs to know this, laying down with heat helps most. Especially with back pain, & muscle spasms.
I had depression problems { which had been recorded—with another Dr. } I had been in counceling even before I was injuried. I continued therapy before my spinal injury even when I was doing work. This depression problem I had along with my spine problem was enough together to be approved. My other illnesses came later. It was when I researched at our local Library concerning Social Security and how it worked, this is where I found out how " if a person has one illness and then developes another —while one is not enough in it’s self for disability then the two combined are”. While one was not enough then both together were. Depression and spineal problems.
Later in time I developed COPD & DDD
& DJD.
Now you have something I did not have access to when I was trying to get mine.. "the internet".
It is a load of information, just like us communicating here.
Plus, I found out even if you ever move out of State it may be to your advantage to know you can change States and your amount of Social Security will be adjusted to the cost of living in the New State you move. This means it can go up in amount you recieve.
So, if anyone does move use this to your advantage.
Many older people know things / ways / that we who are younger do not.
Talking with these people who have gone before us is also a great way to learn what is out there as far as help. I will give you some information for those in my State may not know.
Here in Arkansas—you can have “ 1 electric bill paid a year", plus "one heating bill paid a year", if disabled and make under a certin income, to get this contact CAPCA.
You can have a home phone installed with no charge of connection fees, moving service fees—This service is called "Link up America"—it only cost $10.00 a month to have a home phone.
The electric company —and many may not know this; they have a special discount set up for people who are disabled or elderly and draw a small amount.
It actually is set up so your first 500 kill watts are free. YES FREE !
Call your electric company and ask about this service it is for the elderly or disabled, I do not recall what it is called but the company knows.
What I hope to do since some of you are now attempting to get your Social Security Disablity may not know about some programs out there for you. Is start a free information on the internet.
Plus if you own your home, you can get what is called home stead tax. What this is or means is you pay no tax on your home. Ask about it at your tax asseors office.
Many people do not know this. I’m friends with a engineer I told him about it, now he saves $350.00 a year with this. Do not feel dumb, we were not informed yet. The man runs a large company here, and he did not know about it.
There are many things out there for the disabled. If you have a spine problem which makes it difficult for you to walk, ask your Dr. for a handi-cape paper which you take to your local
Revenue dept. and get a life long handi-cape parking permit.
It has taken me 15 years to learn some of these things.

For everyone who is waiting to go to court make sure to check with DHS-Department of Human Services—they have a wealth of knowledge of ways to help.
Not all workers are willing to just tell us things like I have just told you about.
They are over worked & have case workers so over worked, we have to research to help ourself.
I know this is hard since we are ill. There is something else many may not be aware of "The Hill Burton Act".
This is where if you are low income or attempting to get disability and have a hospital bill you can not pay all, some hospitals have a certin amount set aside for those who are unable to pay. This only applies to some hospitals. Then other hospitals will accept what your insurance will pay.
I was in the hospital so often { 1 time every other month } I had monies owed and I was not covered on it all by insurance.
I called the hospital and exsplained my siduation and they told me not to worry about the bill. It was not a large amount, but it all adds up.
Each State is different with different Programs.
Personally I’m planning on starting a free web sight —with the help of my Son who is a computer
Administrator. I want to send as much information out there for those who need these things which are free and where to find it. I hope some of this information will help, pass it on
we never know who we may have helped with the system either getting Social Security Disability or even food....good luck and hands up to you all who work in helping one another just like me..
Information is power, we may have lost some health, or use of our bodies, but look at it like this Thank God we have a mind and can help each other this way.....I appreciate all your input-it has helped me. I see others who also struggle as I, maybe one step at a time we can get through it and find our way around the issues we face. Good Luck......& Thanks.

on 05/26/2010 3:58am


I think it would be an awesome website! I have a few "freebees" to suggest of my own for us lower than low on the poverty level. Prescription coverages....most pharm. companies have a patient assisstance programs. Pfizer=Connection to Care, Eli Lilly= Lilly cares program. Those are really nice to have. Pfizer covers my Lyrica, Eli lilly covers my cymbalta. Those are the most expensive scripts I have besides the Levaquin they had me on after the pnemonia. I get 800 dollars worth of Lyrica every 3 months and all I have to do is make sure they have a current tax return for the year.

As far as Hill Burton, Iowa is shying away from Hill Burton. They now have R&B Solutions working for you to find you health insurance you deserve. I thought at first they were coming after me for $$ owed to doctors and hospitals and thought "great, I already have a pmt plan set up with one, here goes another I can't afford", but it isn't that way at all. I have two wonderful people searching for every little crack in the system to get me approved. It helps them get paid and helps me long term. They pushed and pushed at the state because I'm one of those people who give a crap about the kids I marry into and I stayed at home to be their full time mommy, but the state doesn't recognize step-parents. Nice huh? I could have worked, but didn't have to because money was good back then. I didn't need the state, kids were covered, hubby covered, and I was in decent health. Once my back started acting up....I needed help, BUT got told "we can't cover you medically because you are ONLY a step parent, but we can give you food stamps". WTF??? I gave up my love of work to be a full time parent and loving mommy but it doesn't matter to the state. I get crucified because I couldn't have my own kids(even though I didn't know that for years) and we already had three, so I was happy not having my own biologically...no more stretch marks, no labor, no morning sickness, etc. Bad enough I get crapped on from the in-laws because I never gave them a grandchild, so I don't mean crap to them...never will, even though I am raising their 3 oldest grandsons, who happened to be the only boys until November when brother-in-law's wife had a son. She's higher up on the todem pole now because she gave them a biological grandchild...and they've only been married for just over a year. Sorry...sore subject.
But where this state stands, step-parents don't mean anything. Sure *sarcastically* I married this alcoholic just so I'd get health insurance. NOT WORTH IT! My life would be easier if I wasn't married, but I'm not a quitter anymore...third marriage, last chance for me..someone has to die to get out of this one (watch out for those sharp knives in the kitchen and when the kids think you want toast in the bath tub...LMAO). I married a very dominant man, and only now after almost 10 years I'm finally starting to break out of the shell that was molded over me. But why get crapped on by everybody else for being a good person in general? That's what kills me!
I did get a very important piece of paper signed by the doctor yesterday. I qualify for state medicare if I get a doctor to sign a Report of Incapacity. I'd lose the kids and everything else if my hubby died tomorrow anyways, what is it gonna hurt for me to admit that I can't take care of them anymore? They are 12 thru 16, there is nothing to take care of! They know how to cook and clean and wipe their own butts, what can I possibly do for them that they can't do for themselves? I am there for them for school work, mental support, love and affection, and of course guidance. They had to learn how to cook and clean on their own....I wasn't gonna raise them to have to rely on a woman for everything like my hubby was raised.
Hopefully SSI will accept this piece of paper as more evidence, but who knows. I'll call my ssi worker and fax that to her in the morning. Think they'd also like to know that my doctor is now sending me to neurologist because of the Arachnoiditis and also believes that my auto-immune disease is progressing and may just be Lupus....(why not right?) instead of CREST since they are soo similiar.

Complex, I think you are an asset to this site, you have given us soo much well needed advise!
Sorry for the rants...but I thought I was actually gonna be able to sleep tonight! It's now 3am, I'm still wide awake!!!

Take care and KC good luck to you! BTW, that's my youngest's name (KC)!


on 05/26/2010 7:46pm

a few handy tips found in these replies... i called ssa on monday to see if i could get the status of my feb 2010 claim, and they said i could call my dds examiner office to find out, they couldnt see any info . i tried to call the dds yesterday and could never get anything other than the voicemail. well, i faxed in more med records yesterday using the barcode coversheet. this afternoon i finally got in touch with the dds examiner, to find out that a decision has been made as of yesterday or this morning, and it has been forwarded. she could not tell me the decision, because she said it could be pulled at random by quality control review and that decision could be changed. she said that once dds makes their decision, it usually is in the hands of the local ssa office within a couple of days, and i would be getting a letter or possibly a call from them with the decision...i am hoping for approval, but am expecting yet another denial... if i am denied, i am calling to talk to binder & binder, to see if they can take this claim (have an appeal expert on the old 2005 claim, and if i dont get the new one approved before the old one goes to district court, the 2 claims will be combined at that point),so not sure they will take the new one. they may say i have to let the same atty handle both, just in case they are combined. i have numerous diagnosis like most of you do. you can see my list at Spinal disorders .... will post the decision as soon as i know what it is... good luck KC... remember, there are thousands of us in the boat with you fighting for ssdi.. you are NEVER alone !

on 05/26/2010 10:32pm

I’m glad I was able to help someone. I know it really is the pits when you go through it all. I looked at what I wrote and thought awe no one will care. Thanks, I wanted to help someone, I know how you get your hopes up and then it is NO. If you have been Married to him 10 yrs. and you cant get SSD now nor SSI, then eventually if something does happen to your spouse you can draw off his work history.
The main thing is getting approved even if you cant get a dime now. It will make a difference in the long run. I’m alone and it is a hard road to go, but I at least do not have the stress of someone being mean to me or cruel. Been there done that. Arkansas allows a person who does draw Social Security
if you do draw that and are married with step children at home they allow those step children to draw off your Disabiltiy. I know if you stayed home and took care of the children it doesnt seem right not to beable to get a check. I do know this when you get at retirement age { unless they change it again } no matter if you worked or not you can draw a small check! YEP! Sure can... no matter if you worked at a regaular paying job out side the home.
So eventually you will get some money! Then if your mate passes before you then you can draw his and it makes no difference then where or if you worked or not. I know this because my father passed when he was 60 and my mom never worked out side the home, she had seizures all her life. She was only 55 when my dad died and I told her she could get disablity. I checked and yep! Then we went through all the bull and she was able to draw my fathers. It worked out this way;
if you are married 10 years, that is the least, it was 6 yrs. and they raised it to 10 yrs. then you draw your husbands. If you both live then when you get 62 you will draw a small check.
It must be very flustrating to have lived and taken care of children and a family and not qualify to draw. I understand your feelings.
I saw on the learning channel where they { Obama } since he has changed things it gives Social Security 5 more years of money.
I tell you all what gets me is the big wigs up in the White house and Senate, they want us all to live on a budget, but look at them. Do any of them take less money every year? Nope, they cant even manage the USA budget! Then they sit up there and talk and make all these rules that really affect all us. It is discouragement to the 100th degree. I have to look at the good, I can not think about them and how they are doing all us.
They need a over-haul, fire them all and then lets all start over. LOL Just like we had to! LOL
I do not know what would be best to call a sight that is free to start for people so we could give other information on what is out there as far as help. See what they count on is us hiring an Attorney, so they get paid, or we do without.
Greed, is a terrible thing. Anyone have any suggestions what a sight with information could be called? Plus there needs to be one for the federal things that are free. Like here is a example
if you are disabled you can have your Dr. write a note that you need someone to live with you and if you are drawing SSI or Disablity then either way they can live with you. They actually can make $900.00 a month for taking care of you.
I found all these small loop holes out. I was friends with an attorney once and what he told me was this; “ They put those loop holes there to be found, either an Attorney finds them or a smart person”.
It takes a long time and talking to many people to learn these things as some of you know.
Like this one; if your in an auto accident and hurt, the person who hit you pays correct, well if you have underinsured insurance then your insurance has to pay you $25,000 also.
There are so many loop holes it isnt even funny. I had a friend who was in an auto accident and she came to my house looking all beat up. I told her what to do and in the end she collected $8,000
and had she not came by my house she would have never known she could have gotten that.
If anyone reads this and you know of ways to get help no matter what era—lets us know. I wasnt aware of the medical help. For medication.
My medication cost me $25,000 a year. Now of course I can not pay that. I am just a woman alone and barely making it. The thing is all the little things start to add up. I have cable and internet.
Now I found this out and this is what I am going to do. I ordered a divice to connect my computer to my T.V. and Netflex will charge 14.99 for all the channels you want to watch and movies.
All you do is stream them from your computer to your T.V.
So instead of me paying $55.00 a month in cable, I will be getting anything I want to watch, movies and all sorts of channels for so much less.
It is great, you have so much of a choice to watch. There are channels you can watch without going through Netflex. They are all free.
So I save $35 dallors a month. All those little dallor here and there start to count.
I have the high speed internet so I pay allot. I was going to have to give something up, until I found out I could go through this way.
You can look it up on your computer and even watch it on the computer. I’m sure you know about it.
I’m not into making a bunch of money off of people, this is why I want to start a sight where we can all go to and get information.
Something so when it is googled we know what it is, and so many of us need this help.
Who ever may read this, please lets think about what the sight could be called so everyone would know or get word out about it and then it could help others, on medication like you were telling us all. Then all the other things some may not know about.
I’m up for suggestions.....it is all of ours.....I just keep coming up blank....help? Take care everyone
I will try to find my old Lawyers name who helped me get my disability....He use to work for Social
Security, maybe he could help some of you. The man doesnt charge unless he wins your case.....
If he was on the other side he knows what to tell you what you need to tell the Judge, he actually told me what to say......so I would win, because if I won, { which I did } it means he Won!.......
Let us know if you get yours....I will keep my fingers crossed........

on 05/27/2010 6:51pm

I am 53 and on SSD. My lawyer told me that one or two back surgeries, no biggie, but 3, which is what I had, was significant. As long as you have representation at the hearing, you'll probably be approved. When the judge walked in the room, I knew he had already made up his mind, but he asked me a few questions then my atty, told me to go wait in the lobby. I had no idea I had just been approved because I was so nervous for so long that I was practically catatonic. After you are approved, they will review your case every 3 years or so to make sure your status hasn't changed. I had the first review and didn't even know it was going on. Good Luck, sounds like you really need a break, I know the feeling.

on 08/13/2010 1:07pm

i to suffer from lower lumbar problems. i sign up for my disability to that was about 1 yr and a 1/2 .i done went to 3 appeals done went to they doctor and they had me to do a x ray .what is the x ray for you can not see it unless you do a MRI .any way they say now they got to let they doctor over there look at it.i call 1 weeks ago and they had not assign no doctor to the case.i do not know what to do.no job,no money staying with other peoples,losing everything.can not go to the doctor because you got to have money or insurance.i need some pain pills but can not get it because i got to go back to let him check me .i get up in pain go to bed in pain i have not had a good night sleep in so long.the doctor say the mid disc is also going.i need to go check it but can not.and social security is taking they time.my lawyer say if they do not approve it this time we go to court.i hurt so bad.my pains range from a 7-10.most of the time 10.

on 08/29/2010 2:35am

i hear ya! the pain does get unbearable at times.. but here is a tip from my atty-- if you go to hearing with alj, do NOT say your pain ranges 10, as they do not believe anyone has that kind of pain that often. if you did, they feel you would be in the hospital on iv pain meds alot....

on 04/03/2013 9:12pm

Yes, Spinal conditions are like shuffling a deck of cards. When one thing is connected to another, either you get them all lined up just right or they fall all over the place. I hope you get my description.By on means are you alone in back problems, many, many people have back issues. Even in the Bible, Job suffers from pain in his snews. That's often considered to include back pain.
The important thing to remember with disability is it's not a short process. It goes alot easier if you do have a lawyer.They recivie payment from your settlement, assuming you will have one.
It's their task to assemble all of your past medical reports. That's a tall order and not something most individuals can do on their own. That's why lawyers have staff and use the law to obtain all the records and tests results.
The next important thing to remember is, it's a very rare case that is approved for disability on the first try. Nearly everyone is turned down on the first attempt. Your chances are far better on the second attempt. It's not unheard of for a case to take three appeals. In other words, if your paperwork substantiates your claim, the court result will be in agreement.