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fusion screws too long

From: Peldyak - on 01/31/2010 11:32pm

The right side of my neck ,shoulder and arm are buzzing all the time. I have constant pain in my neck. Could that be a symptom from the screws being to long from the neck fusion in disk c4 and c5? The MRI I just had looks like the screws are in the spinal fluid area. The symptoms get worse with my head tilted back or to the right.

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4 Responses

on 02/25/2010 3:12am

well.. MRI is not the best imaging study to look at screw and bone... you will need a CT scan in order to know exactly where is the tip of the screw...the screw current position may or may not cause your symptoms...

on 03/11/2010 8:42pm

My screws were to big in same area and I could not eat until they took them out 3 months and 30 pounds later.

on 03/11/2010 8:43pm

CT scan will let you know if to big

on 05/24/2010 7:03pm

I had the buzzing problem as well, but over time it slowly subsided. Please do not let MRI's CT scans and all the tests validate what is wrong with you. My MRI's and CT scans did NOT SHOW that" the bone NEVER fused, the screws became wiggly and the titanuim plate had popped up. I complained for 18 month BEFORE I finally got a new neurosurgeon to perform another surgery ABOVE the C-5-6 surgury that failed. When he went in to fuse C3-4, he noticed the unfused bone and the rest of the first "failed" fusion. None of it showed up on the MRI's. My neck is still purple and bruised from a 2007 fusion and nobody knows why. My advice to you is to keep COMPLAINING, until they get that you are in pain, These neurosurgeons put too much faith in the x-rays and less in the patient. The squeaky wheel......well you know the rest. It works, but you have to be persistent~