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Spinal Stimulator Gone Wrong?!?!?!

Started by jase on 05/15/2014 9:50pm

Need advice from those of you with the spinal stimulator. I had mine put in early March 2014 and its now been over 8weeks. I am in way more pain than I was before I had this implanted. The pocket site for battery is killing me......feels like something is ripping apart inside there. Plus now at times feels like something is shocking or pinching me around the battery site. It takes forever to get it to charge and my skin gets so hot around the battery area while charging that I don't want to have to charge it. My back has heat in it at the battery site and at the lead site at which at the same time the rest of my body is normal temperature. Also where the lead site is, I have a lump there, which dr said is scar tissue but it moves around and it hurts my spine area a lot. My whole lower back is so sensitive to even small touches....it all hurts. I am in so much pain, I can't hardly take it. I can't hardly walk cause of the pain and riding in the car is almost unbearable. The only little bit of relief (which is long) I may get at times is lying on my stomach, but when I go to get up....well lets just say you mine as well had sliced me in half. If you are thinking about getting one....,DON'T!!!!! Read others comments online and you will see why. If you are reading this because you are having problems too....then please, please, share them with me.

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I meant.... which is not long... on getting relief part. My whole day is just pain!


I am thinking about getting a spinal chord stimulator. As far as surgery goes, right now it is the stimulator or a double fusion.I have tried almost everything else. Every anesthesiologist I have seen is pushing this Medtronic device. I am skeptical. I am a relatively thin guy and I can't imagine a large, pinching hot battery sticking out of my back or abdomen. Did you get ANY relief from the stimulator? I read that 43% of patients experience complications, whether an infection (6%), malfunction of the device(6%), electrode or lead problems (27%), cable issues (10%), or CSF leak(7%). The article below ultimately gives a positive review for the long-term use of SCS. But there are certainly problems as they try to perfect the technology and the procedure.
"Spinal Cord Stimulation for Patients with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: A Systematic Review"