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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

ALIF a little over 2 months ago and HUGE ABDOMINAL distinction left of incision

Started by Groovy2 on 02/22/2013 6:15pm

Hi all,
I had an ALIF ON L5-s1 about 2 months ago and about 3 weeks ago my belly POPPED OUT to the left of my incision site. I look about 5 months pregnant and have pain, heaviness, constipation, sometimes very sharp pain right in bulge, spasms in bulge, over all not feeling well pressure on bladder, it's bigger than a soft ball to hold it. When I lay down the bulge goes away., not the tenderness, I have seen 4 Dr's now about this and have had a CT scan that doesn't she anything. I saw the vascular surgeon yesterday who was there fr the surgery and apparently he has NEVER seen this before after this surgery. By that I mean the bulge all the way to the left and it's weird. This is a very seasoned Surgeon. The consensus is it "MAYYYY " just be "STRETCHED ABDOMINAL WALL" ?? I think NO , simply because of my previous medical history. I have had SEVERAL abdominal surgeries and other medical surgeries that NEVER seem to either match the testing or are not text book... EVER.. LITERALLY! So since this has popped out I have this little bug in my ear that something is wrong based on how I feel and my gut instinct. Pardon the pun lol they don't seem to "THINK"it's an incisional hernia.. Has anyone else had a similar issue?? I'm sorry this is so long, I am also having severe pain on left side of back down around butt cheek down leg and numbness... Any info would be great because now I am second guessing myself, but I still think its something going on.. Twisted bowel?? I'm gong for a test Monday for that? Thanks to my REg Dr! Just VERY , very frustrated :( thanks for your time everyone:)


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I feel your pain I'm having the same exact thing going on. I had my alif 9 weeks ago and the left side of my abdomin is hurting so bad and than it blows up like I'm prego. Also the same as you, the left buttock and leg. I see the vascular surgeon on June 4th. Did you ever get any answers? I'm so nervous. This was my 8th surgery. I would like to steer clear of surgeries.


I had my surgery in March ( 2016), I have the exact same problem. Did you ever find out what the solution was? I look like Im 8 months pregnant. ergh. Its terrible. Thank you and I hope you are doing great now!


Hi Everyone, Sounds like we all have something in common. I have the same problem with my left side after my ALIF with PSF from T-11 to S-1. I have questioned several doctors about it, have had MRI's, CT's, xray's. You name it and I think I've been there. None of my clothing from before the surgery fit me . I feel the same way about it, something is not right and no one wants to say it. I'm no stranger to surgery, I have had 10 spine surgeries and several other types, so I think I know when something is not right with my body. Sara, if you find anything out about a twisted bowel please let me know. OH yes, by the way my surgery was in 2014. 2 LONG YEARS OF THIS!!!!!


Hi Sara, Just wondering if you ever got an answer about a twisted bowel. I'm still searching for an answer to this problem. It would be so nice to wear normal clothing again. Shirleyj49