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t7 t8

From: mrs.exracer11 - on 04/02/2012 11:19pm

Ok so i am new at this i was wondering if anyone could help me! on jan. 20th 2012 I hurt my back at work I have never had a back injury before. I hate to even tell how I did it because its so stupid so dont laugh! I was moping the floor with a very large mop> i also carried the mop bucket full of water from one end of the building to the other so i could have done it when i picked up the mop bucket as well! anyway my questions are?
1> I had a cat scan done in the er on the 21st and just recently picked up report out of curiosity because i was told there was nothing on it! it states that i have some thing called Bilateral spondylolysis defects at L5.
as a child i was very active was never told that i had this could I have done this at work as well! or could it all be from the same injury!

2> I had an Mri last week and that states that there is focal central disc protrusiom/extrusion at T 7 and T8 and extends posteriorly and touches the anterior aspect of the cord. there is abundant CSF lateral and posterior to the cord. but no foraminal narrowing.

3> my questions I guess is what does all of this mean and am i still going to be able to contiue my job as a construction Laborer! could my T7 & T8 injury have caused the spondyloysis
thanks so much in advance for any advice

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2 Responses

on 07/11/2013 2:26pm

WELL I ALMOST HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM :)....what are your symptoms if I may ask?

on 08/05/2013 6:15pm

Same boat here. Only mine (at least the worst one. I have 5 ruptured discs from T5-T9) is at T6,7.