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7mm Disc Bulge

From: beanpole64 - on 01/22/2010 5:19pm

I have a 7mm disc bulge. I went to a pain managment MD and he gave me 3 sets of cortizone shots.. They seem to help, and then I have been going to physical therapy. After about a month and a half, the pain has come back. What should I do? Everyone is pushing for surgery. Should that be my option, or is there anything else that I can do. And if surgery is the way to go, which one should i get.

A little background. The bulge is in my L4, L5 and it is hitting my sciaticca. I just want this pain to go away. Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you.

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on 01/23/2010 1:43pm

If wait to long to get this fixed it puts the stress on the adjoining levels and making the vertebrae weak which could lead to the vertebrae slipping, which could lead to a fusion being the only way to repair it. If your doctor can trim the disc to take care of the problem now, I would do it. You must give that disc 3 to 6 months to heal before doing any strenuous activity. When a disc is trimmed to remove a bulge the new outer lining of the disc needs time to heal and become stronger, if you put to much stress on the disc to soon it will herniate again, you can only trim so much from each disc. good luck

on 01/23/2010 10:48pm

Hi, You might try traction or an version table to take some body weight/gravity off of it. Physical therapy will never lessen bulge. Rest, drink only water and avoid activities that may aggravate it. I need several levels replaced andam unable to pay for it, as insurance will not so I searched for alternatives while saving money for disc replacement. I chose nutrition to help rebuild my discs. Check outwww.karenhurd.com I am working with her and wish I had started long ago. Drinking only water is a must so any damaged disc does not get dehydrated. You may also consult with an orthopedic surgeon or LA Spine Institute od Midwest Spine Institute.

on 02/25/2010 3:56am

Never knew that disc bulging can hit sciatic nerve. Sciatica simply means you have sharp shooting pain down your leg... in this case more like radiculopathy. However, people know exactly what kind of pain you have when you say "sciatica". Ever try an inverted table? if you are healthy, and can tolerate having your head upside down 10 -15 minutes couple times a day, then give it a try. It does help to relieve the symptoms by stretching your back using gravity, and decompress the impingement from the nerve. If surgery is needed, a microdiscectomy is all you need...

on 03/19/2010 2:30pm

Hi , just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I am learning more and more from these sites that there are a lot of us out there in the same boat. I have the very same issue you have with the bulging L4 L5. I to have had 2 epidural injections and they seem to work some what, I am doing PT at a pool with a therapist, hanging in the deep end with a noodle after 45 minutes of movement helps a ton to relieve the pain for that moment. I have been out of work since 24 Jan 2010 and and now out of sick pay. I have no idea what to do. I am afraid of surgery and as we speak the pain in my lower back comes and goes however the pain in my legs and left foot are very bothersome.
the depression is starting to kick in as well as weight gain from inactivity (except PT and walking the dog). Anyone have any ideas????

on 03/30/2010 7:35am

I have a bulged disc, spinal stenosis . I`ve been in pain real bad for 10 months. I`m going to have lemectomy and fusion in july. They say this is a very tough surgery 40% get better 30% get worse. My life really sucks in massive pain allways. The nerve blocks don`t help at all. I`m really not able to work any more. I`m 48 I have tryed every thing nothing helps. My disc is L3 L4 .I hope to see lots of Ideas for us. I wish there was something other than surgery that works.

on 03/21/2010 8:38am

I recommend:

Physical Therapy with sessions that last from 1 to 2 hours and must include Ultrasounds, Massage, and Low Electric stimulation. This will help with the inflammation. Traction and water exercices are also recommended.

Have your doctor prescribe you Vitamin B12 injections.

At home you can apply some cold to your back to reduce inflammation
Sleep on your back with 2 pillows under your knees or sideways with a pillow between your legs.
Learn how to lift weights and don't lift them ;).
Don't sit on couches. POSTURE, POSTURE

You should go regularly to a pool to reduce some of the compression and strengthen your muscles. EXERCISE, EXERCISE

Learn on your condition and avoid many errors you can be doing on your daily life.

Check my lens and follow me- I plan on creating more helpful content:


on 04/02/2010 12:01pm

For herniations, unless there're causing cauda equina, I wouldn't have surgery!!!! Id go to a chiropracter and use the decompression therapy and Pettibon System. Best of luck to u on ur journey

on 04/15/2010 7:46am

I agree, decompression is key to solving bulged disc