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Using oral prednisone for chronic pain

Started by murfisto on 06/22/2014 2:58pm

I have been diagnosed with both advanced osteoarthritis AND rheumatoid arthritis as well as other conditions that also affect my joints all over my body. My pain manager and I have tried so many drugs and procedures over the years including but not limited to opiods and radio frequency ablations he simply ran out of modalities to try but my rheumatologist will be starting me on a different 'biological' as the first one did nothing. In the meantime he put me on low-dose prednisone and that drug is doing miracles. it seems so much of my body pains are due to inflamations at at various joints/nerves, prednisone is now managing that inflamation, at least until i get on therumicade trial. my big concern is what harm that steroid may be doing to the rest of my organs.

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I was prescribed prednisone 60-10mg a month 2 a day. My Doc knew I dosed with them differently for the max. benefit..50mg-3days then taper about every 3 weeks. Made a HUGE difference in me and I have a pretty jacked up back at 53 from yrs of abuse mainly MX racing..L5-S1, T11-T12 fusions and multiple past compressions fractures along with a self fused C3-C4, multiple laminectomy's, foranatomy's and that's just my back. ankles, knees blown and shoulders rotator cuff tears all 30 yrs ago. So I could expect GREAT results only problem is and your pharmacists knows best...prednisone has many side effects but the worst for me would be the trade off of that it eats your cartilage, vert-disc and if you are a man will possibly drop your T levels over long term use. My old pharmacist used to say if I walked in with a 3rd arm growing he would believe it. I relocated and have a new group of Docs and the 1st thing they told me was "you will not be getting anymore prednisone from us or at max 2x a yr. It's a trade off. I'd rather have 10 more decent yrs and worry about mid to late 60s when/if I'm still here


OK, I had my first Remicade IV infusion about 2 weeks ago and my second one yesterday. If it continues to help i'll get boosters every 8 weeks. The first noticeable result is less sacrum-illium fusion pain. Hopefully, i'll notice less pain from other joints as well as time goes on. I did cut my prednisone from 10mg/day to 7.5, then to 5mg/day and pain came back in waves, especially in my neck-head. I'm guessing now and my rheumatologist agrees that my occipital neuralgia which causes me 24/7 head and neck pain is being caused by inflamation. Not a surprise.Next question, will Remicade's boosters help? Only time will tell. My doctor does not want me to develop Cushing's Disease, which you are facing with large, long term use of large doses of prednisone. That will certainly shorten your racing life! I sincerely wish you the best of possible outcomes! Be smart!