Road Trip

My first bit of freedom

Driving on an open road to the sunI was driving a 1967 Mustang coupe before I was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor. I have not driven it since. It took a long time for me to drive at all, I spoke about it in an earlier blog. I was finally at a point to where I could drive alone in my city, with my family. So my husband bought me a 2002 Mustang last fall. It's a coupe also. Very small and kinda beat up, but he rides very nice, especially on the open road. Yes, I loved him immediately.

I started looking on line for stuff for my car, and reading up on information since it has been so long since I even looked at a car. In return, I started recieving emails from Mustang parts stores, etc. I received an email in March about Ford Mustang's 50th birthday. There was to be a celebration on both the East coast (Charlotte, NC) and West coast (Las Vegas) simultaneously in April, and it was starting with a pony drive from Norman, OK. Along the way people could join the ride in certain cities. One of the cities was Asheville, NC. I live pretty close  to Asheville. The drive from Asheville to Charlotte is only a couple of hours. I could do that.

My husband didnt want to go. My hero was not feeling well himself and he just didn't think he would feel good on a trip like that. I thought hard for about 1 second. I had to go! When would I ever be able to do something like this again? What if I wake up and can't walk like 2 days later? Every day I have to wonder. Every day I have a spinal cord tumor. It hurts, I deal with it. I'm getting worn out. I have to go. I want to see the Mustangs. I want to be in Charlotte. I called my oldest son, a Chevy lover. He said he would go with me.

It was incredible! Seeing all the Mustangs in Asheville and mine was the ugly duckling; but I was so proud of it anyway because he got me there, and he was surrounded by Cobras , GT's , Shelby's, the classics. One more beautiful than the next. The ride to Charlotte was so awesome. Having a bunch of Mustangs on the road at one time. One group moving on and then another catching up. I guess we didn't do too bad because we were among the first to arrive in Charlotte. I never went over 90 mph, I promise. Even going down the mountain, with my son yelling that I was trying to kill him.

Once at Charlotte we were given the treat of being able to take a lap on the track! What an experience. More cars to see, I think my son even gained a new respect for the Ford Mustang. We had a great trip, but  we did stay one night and drove home the next day. The celebration for Ford was all weekend long, but I just wanted to go for the ride, and oh what a great ride!